Instalación Lumínico-sonora
TriChroTone, 2019
TriChrotone es una instalación cromestésica basada en la relación simbiótica entre el color, la luz y el sonido. Su apariencia visual muta cíclicamente a través de una secuencia cromático-sonora en la que los colores van apareciendo y transformándose gracias a la aplicación de una combinación aditivo-sustractiva del color. La síntesis de sus diferentes elementos interpela al espectador, en quien genera conexiones emocionales y polisensoriales de carácter sinestésico.
The Effects Affect Us
TriChroTone, the tonal chromatic triangle
Lighting technological evolution transforms the modes of perception of our reality. Each color has its distinctive ``quale`` that corresponds to a tonal sound vibration, generating the ability to awaken different emotions and impressions in the current human being.
The sound-light experience attracts us and fascinates us. Color and sound are information, Light is power, each source has its way of captivating us.
THE TECHNICAL PRINCIPLELight and sound sculpture, visible on both sides, measuring 1.1 x 1.1 x 2.4 meters. Approximate weight 70 kg. Consumption 500w. 220v Iron structure, lacquered wood, stainless steel profile, laser and opal methacrylate, primary red, green and blue filters, RGBW LED strip, 4 built-in speakers, stand alone control board.
THE VISITOR EXPERIENCEThe triangles of color that make up the surface of the piece mutate cyclically under the transforming power of the, always hypnotic, sound-chromo-luminic symbiosis. The internal rhythm of this work is marked by a sound sequence that, synchronized with that of color, generates emotional connections between both stimuli: to each color, a chord. To each note, one tonality. In this way, the sound sequence is developed which, in turn, produces a chromatic reaction on the screen. It is then when the chromastesic moment is generated.
The work has participated in:Umbra Light Festival, in Vitoria-Gasteiz, February 2019.
Pinta Malasaña, in Madrid, June 2019.
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